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Set in the not too distant future, ‘Genesis’ focuses on Andrea Winter, captain of the ACS Genesis, a colony ship sent out by the Aurora Corporation. Earth could no longer sustain life, so the Aurora Corporation sent out thousands of scouting ships to find a new home for humanity. No ships sent a signal back to earth—except the ACS Echo.

A partial transmission was sent back to confirm an exoplanet candidate, but nobody could find out why. Therefore, the ACS Genesis was sent out to investigate. The crew of the ACS Genesis soon finds out that the transmission sent by the Echo—was one of distress.

Genesis was originally published on Steam Greenlight in May 2017. Our greenlight campaign was a huge success and we were lucky enough to be one of the final few games to go through Steam Greenlight before the service shut down and transferred to Steam Direct. However, we simply did not have the funds or the manpower to continue development at the time so development was temporarily halted and saved for later. This is the tech demo that we distributed to Greenlight voters so that they could get an idea of what we wanted Genesis to be. We hope to resume development once we get the necessary funds to do so, in the mean time, check out our awesome tech demo here and donate some dollars our way if you want to see this project come to life! Every penny counts.

Genesis is currently built by a two man team, Luke Japaridze of LucasGame Studios and David Kubala of Red Sweater Studios. Luke is a seasoned Unity Developer who has been making games since 2013, he is also the developer of Corona MotorSport, a racing title currently on Steam Early Access. Dave is currently a VR developer and 3d Designer at BuenoBox Architecture and has exceptional command of 3d modeling. Together, we are both more than capable of bringing Genesis to life in the near future.

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Alright, so this demo definitely looks promising. The game did a very good job at getting me hooked and wanting more, then just dropping off with a HUGE cliffhanger. The story is fantastic and I can't wait to see how it further develops. Voice acting would be a great addition to this game! The movement was a little wonky and slowed down at random times. I feel like the graphics could be optimized just a tad more to be more PC friendly, but that's SUPER common with demos like this. The NPCs were acting strange. Not sure if it was intentional or not, but it was hilarious. I loved the whole "hands not moving" thing. The whole game had that uneasy feeling to it, like something has been wrong for a long time now. Thanks so much for making this! Can't wait to see more!

Not sure how I feel about this, I do love the atmosphere. Understandably there are bugs and no voice acting. A clip of what was too come at the end of the demo would have drawn me in a bit more but the end made me feel unfulfilled. I'm no expert just a gamer, but I am very interested with where ya'll go with this because I need more sci-fi horror in my life! Thank you! 

I really like the general atmosphere of the game. Though movement controls felt a bit clunky to me, I'm certain that can be dealt with later in the production cycle. Well, here's my video on it.

Glad you liked it! We will be taking all the issues you mentioned into account when we resume work on the project!

Hi there! I really enjoyed your demo and look forward to a full release!  Keep up the good work!, and thank you for sharing your art!

Glad you enjoyed it! We are looking forward to finish it if we get the funds and popularity. I really enjoyed your video!

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This was a decent concept for an interesting new indie horror game. This  is a rough demo that simply sets up the premise for the story and makes you think about what may happen upon full release. Yes this is a rough demo where not a huge amount happens. But that doesn't mean it doesn't do the job in getting you interested in the story. I had a sort of "Event Horizon" vibe while playing but obviously with its own version. I look forward to seeing how this game progresses through its development and hope to see a full version released because I feel this game could have a lot of potential to be a good indie horror. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested in seeing what the game is about.

Hey there! Glad you enjoyed the demo! We hope to resume development on it soon. In the mean time, please spread the word about Genesis, the more support we get, the faster we can get back to work :)